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Washington Navy Yard: A model response?

I saw on the news that the Washington Navy Yard was a model response.

It took 2 minutes for the police to arrive at the gate.

It took 7 minutes for the police to arrive at the building.

It took 30 minutes for the police to subdue the gunman.

How long do you think it felt like for those in the area?

The government made it "safer" for people by making it a "gun free zone", which means that only criminals would have guns. There were no good people who were armed in order to stop this madman from killing and injuring people, even though the Right to keep and bear arms is not to be infringed.

If you look at all the mass shootings you will see that they happen in "gun free zones". Criminals are not completely stupid and will target areas in which they are more likely to be able to do what they want. What better place is there for a madman who wants to kill people to go than a "gun free zone" as it will give the criminal as much opportunity to kill and injure people than if the sheeple would be able to shoot back.

I also read on the Whitehouse web site that there was a push to make the "gun free zone" for schools to also apply to politicians, but the response was that the politicians needs to be able to protect themselves. It is clear that the politicians don't feel that you need to be able to protect yourself. Their lives are more valuable than yours.

If it saves just one life, we need to allow people to protect themselves. We can not prevent lunatics from attacking people, but we can allow the victims to be armed and to stop the lunatics as soon as possible.



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Written: 17-Sep-2013

Updated: 17-Sep-2013

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