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What is Important?

What is Important to people? Perhaps one way to see what is important to people is to watch the news and see what is covered. Then think about what the story is about and the number of hours that it is covered and decide whether in the grand scheme of things whether it is really important or not. Then spend some time and notice the stories which don't receive much coverage, but which have a far larger effect on people. In some cases those stories come up, but it is said to not be important.

It is also interesting to see how many people also seem to blindly accept things and not give any thought to what is being said. Look at what the government comes up with to solve problems, is it really the best solution or is it typically just the easy solution? Why do people think that "celebrities" are important? Actors might do a good job pretending to be another person, but how does that relate to being a person to listen to about issues?

Do you really need some examples? Take a look at the issue of Voter ID. How can anyone over the age of 18 manage to live without having an ID? How can you say that voter fraud is not an issue if you have NO idea as to how much fraud there is when you don't know who is actually voting? Why is it that some people really don't want people to have to produce an ID to vote? Consider ALL of the things in which you have to show an ID. Is a high speed chase really big enough news to stop all other stories for a long time? Why is a sex change such a big deal so as to spend hours covering it, well, actually they are not covering it, they are just spending hours talking about it as if it means something.

Consider how much people spend on sports, not actually participating, but just watching, perhaps pretending that it is really their team or something. Then consider how little time those people spend on the real issues of society. There are those who get into politics in order to get power, control and money, but think what could happen if people spent a fraction of the time they spend in entertainment on trying to get people in office who actually want to work in the best interest of everyone, instead of their own gain.

The question is when, if ever, people are going to wake up and start paying attention to what really matters.



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Written: 07-Jun-2015

Updated: 07-Jun-2015

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