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Paula Deene, "racial" comments, Food Network and PC Idiots

Paula Deene was stupid, but perhaps not in the way you might think. But first a bit of disclosure: I don't care for Paula Deene. I don't like her shows or anything else.

Paual Deene was stupid because she told the truth of what she said in private to her husband, based on the reaction, she should have just said "I don't remember". The interesting thing is that the word that she admitted to using is considered acceptable depending on the race of the person saying it. If the word is so horrible, then no one should use it. The problem is that there are hypocrites who consider it acceptable if blacks use the word, but not if others use it. That makes those people racists.

The next thing is that The Food Network is hypocritcal and short sighted. I challenge them to put EVERY person who works for The Food Network under oath and ask them if they have ever used the same word and fire them if they admit to it. The problem is that now those people have a warning and will lie about it. If they don't get that it happen decades ago and that people sometimes say things in private which they really shouldn't, then they don't deserve any viewers. The same is true for all the others who are scurrying away like cockroaches over this matter.

It is sad that today people are so scared to not be perfectly politically correct, or at least want to be viewed that way.

Due to this, I am personally going to try to avoid all of those idiot companies who are more interested in being politically correct than trying to do the right thing. This is not in support of Paula Deene, but against companies doing stupid things.



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Written: 27-Jun-2013

Updated: 27-Jun-2013

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