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Needed New Laws

There are numerous laws, many of which are not enforced, but while some laws should be removed, I think that a couple of new laws should be created so as to protect people and to do the right thing.

Fair Enforcement of Vehicle Code

Currently, Police Officers typically do not cite other officers, as well as friends and family. This is not fair, but more importantly than that it gives officers the idea that the law does not apply to them. This can lead to more serious abuses of the law.

Due to this, a law needs to be implimented which makes it a crime for a police officer to not cite another officer for a violation of the vehicle code. The specific violation would be obstruction of justice. By not citing the officer, justice is denied. Police should set a good example of the laws that they enforce and therefore should drive better than average. If they are not cited for the violations, then they will be a danger to others on the road.

The citing police officer should be forced to show up in court, or be held in contempt of court and the trial rescheduled. This is to prevent the officer letting the other officer off by just not showing up.

I am sure that officers would not like this, but look at the reasons why. No one likes to get a ticket and if an officer gets a ticket, their supervisor is often informed. To get around this, officers don't cite each other. The simple fact is that if the police don't like it, then they can avoid the problem by following the law, which they should know better than the average driver.

Property Disclosure Protection Act

Due to a failure of property owners to properly disclose issues to buyers, as well as the fact that certain sellers can bypass the disclosure requirements, such as by having the property in a trust, it is important to ensure that all disclosures are made available to buyers.

In order to do this, it needs to be the law that anything which would required to be disclosed, should the property be sold, be reported to the county assessor to be part of the public file. Any real estate agent would be required to get a disclosure statement and submit it and also get a copy of the disclosure file for prospective buyers.

In addition, anyone on the assessor's office who fails to allow access to the files, required by public access laws, shall be guilty of a crime. In some cases, while the laws demands public access, office policy denies access to files and records, even to the current property owner. This should not be tolerated or allowed.



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Written: 01-Jan-2007

Updated: 02-Jan-2007

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