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BATF has NO national database of lost and stolen firearms

I recently sent a question to the BATF asking if there was a national database of stolen firearms. This is what I received back:

It amazes me that the BATF does not seem to think that it is important to maintain a list of lost or stolen firearms. Firearms can be sold out of state, which means it can be difficult to determine if a firearm is lost or stolen. It is not reasonable to expect a person to call all 50 States to ensure that a firearm has not been stolen.

I would think that it would be common sense for the BATF to maintain a list of stolen firearms so that it is easier to track the firearms and convict criminals, as well as ensuring that firearms dealers are not dealing in stolen firearms.

As insane as it seems, it looks like the BATF is making is easier for criminals to sell stolen firearms by not making it easy for people to ensure a firearm is not stolen.


It turns out that the BATF does have a database of stolen firearms, but it is only available to Law Enforcement.



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Written: 03-Jul-2006

Updated: 17-Dec-2012

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