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Sam's Club False Advertising

I recently bought (and returned due to false advertising) a 17 pc. Professional Cookware set from Sam's Club. I think that most reasonable people would assume that cookware, especially professional, would be able to be used at any setting without damage, assuming normal use and not overheating the pan. This is not the case with this product. Inside it says (numerous times) to not use a temperature above medium to cook or boil water since it can discolor or damage it AND if this happens the warranty is void. I would like to find a professional who would consider this acceptable for cookware. Most professional cooktops are hotter than the cooktops in the average home. Yet, they say that medium is the maximum. This says to me that it is not close to professional. I would also say that it is not cookware if you can not use it under normal conditions that cookware is expected to be used. Due to the fact that they say that the warranty is void if you damage it using it above medium, that says to me that the warranty is useless and really does not exist. If you use this product as you would think that you can, then the warranty will be voided.

I ended up talking to the representative of the cookware and he claimed that the limits were not correct. He said that the cookware could be used without a problem, but could not really explain why the sheets had those limitations on them. Supposedly he was going to look into the matter, but I never heard back from him.

As a side note, I recently had a problem with a floor jack I bought from Sam's Club. Originally I thought that I had purchased it from CostCo, which I now wish I had. I had thought that there was not much of a difference between Sam's Club and CostCo, but there is a big difference. With CostCo they ensure that you are happy with your purchase and with Sam's Club they don't care once they got your money. Personally at this point I would even pay more money to buy an item from CostCo since they will help deal with any problems, whereas Sam's Club would not do a thing.



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Written: 16-Jan-2004

Updated: 23-Mar-2006

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