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apple steals from the dead

Bad apple!

This is based on my experience with the HORRIBLE company called apple and in my opinion they are a very bad apple.

Bad apple!!

The way that apple treats the family of a person has passed away shows that they don't care about people in the least, only about profits and their absurd made up rules.

Bad apple!!!

A family member passed away and there was an iphone12, which wasn't the current phone in use, but it was locked. apple was provided documents showing that it had been on the person's account, the death certificate and the letters of adminstration from the court granting control of the estate. None of this matters to apple. All of this information was acceptable to every other company other than apple, which is quite telling.

Bad apple!!!!

In order to unlock the phone apple wants a specific court order specifying apple to release the information (which costs thousands) or the apple id can be deleted. The problem with deleting the apple id is that you have to know what the apple id is and the phone only gives the first letter and in this case it shows that it is an icloud account, which is apple. apple will do absolutely NOTHING to assist in getting the apple id. I suspect that a court order would be useless since apple would demand that the apple id be listed, which can't be done as it is unknown. Even with all the information about the phone and all the documents, apple refuses to release the information or reset the phone, thereby making it worthless.

Bad apple!!!!!

To me, this means apple is STEALING from the dead and elderly since the phone can't be used and the estate is to go to an elderly person. In my opinion, that makes apple unethical and dishonest. apple is unwilling to do ANYTHING to assist and claims that there is NO ONE to talk to in order to get this resolved. apple says that they have no department to deal with deceased people, most likely because they don't care and it is more profitable to them if the phone is trashed.

Bad apple!!!!!!

How exactly are you supposed to get the apple id when the person has died? apple doesn't care and they are the only ones who can access the information. apple refuses to help. apple is horrible and treats people horribly.

Bad apple!!!!!!!

To me, this means that apple should be avoided at all costs as they don't care about doing the right thing and they disrepect the family of people who pass away. Don't buy anything apple, you are warned.

Bad apple!!!!!!!!



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Written: 09-Mar-2023

Updated: 09-Mar-2023

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