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Dishonest and Deceptive Media?

I came across an article which shows how dishonest and deceptive the media is. The questions is why does the media do this and why do they think that they can get away with it.

The summary is that a person intentionally shot themself at a gun range. In other words, a suicide. Look at how long it takes for that to be said in the article.

Here is a link to the article:

Person hit by gunshot at Red's Indoor Range in Pflugerville has died

Let's go through it step by step.

So if you read the title, what do you think occurred? A normal person would tend to think that there was some sort of accident in which an innocent person was accidentally hit by a bullet. But this is quite deceptive due to that really happened. So why would the media company want to make it so completely deceptive?

Now this is an interesting statement and should have the reader wondering what happened. A person hit by gunshot has died, but it does not appear to be suspecious? How could that be?

The above author should be ashamed of himself and should resign. Quite clearly this person isn't a journalist based on this example.

So a person suffered a gunshot and was sent to the hospital, but died. So far the article has failed to report what exactly happened and it seems like they don't want to say. Perhasps they hope that people don't continue reading so that they don't know what really happened.

A person was hurt from a shooting at the gun range? That makes it sound like gun ranges could be dangerous as a person could get killed at a range, well, unless you finally get to what actually happened. It is mentioned multiple times that a person was injured at a gun range from being shot. So why was that repeated multiple times and it wasn't mentioned what exactly happened?

Oh, finally, it is stated just once that that it was a suicide. It wasn't an accident, but an intentional act. So why wasn't that mentioned at the start?

It is nice that after saying that the person died, that it isn't just them saying that, but they got a city official to confirm what they have been saying.

So only the one person who was shot was involved, yet they didn't make that clear at the start as they worded it such that a person might think that an innocent victim was shot at a gun range. So, a person shooting themself isn't suspicious because they are the one who was shot and they were the one doing the shooting. Why would they need to say that other than saying that the person shot themself?

So no further information is to be given, which is understandable, but why did it take so long to say not much of anything and why did they have to imply that it was something other than a suicide?

A dishonest media harms the public. Being deceptive can cause problems. There are many who just read the titles and those people will never know what happened and instead think something else happened. I don't think that is a mistake, I think it is an intentional deceptive act. This is a prime example of the media today.



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Written: 21-Aug-2018

Updated: 21-Aug-2018

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