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Rude, inconsiderate and Stupid People

A friend of a friend likes to say that people are going to disappoint you. It seems like they are doing that more and more all the time.

I went shopping the other day to several stores and I have to wonder if people are just clueless or if they really just don't care. I suspect it is likely that they think that they are the only important people in the world.

As I went into one store, there was also a couple going into the store ahead of me. The man went to get a cart, which was on the opposite side of the entrance and as he did that the woman stood right in the center of the entry to the store so that others had to go around her. This meant that others had to go around her. She could have stood on either side or other places so that she was not in the way, but that would require some thought of others on her part. I decided to walk in front of her, but I doubt that she got the message. Then again, she had a shirt on which said something like born to be bad, so I guess it is not surprising.

The worst for the day was at CostCo. As anyone who goes to CostCo knows they give away free food samples quite often. It is a good way to decide if you really want to buy the product. Sometimes it convinces me to buy the product, other times it convinces me that I never want to buy the product. One sample was not ready, so I continued shopping and when I went back again, it was still not ready. When I came back after that, the person was getting ready to put out the samples, so I stood there waiting. As the person was putting out the samples, I waited until she was done since she was quickly putting out more and if I were to take what was on the tray then I would get in her way. As I was waiting, a couple reached under the woman's hands as she was putting the samples out to grab some samples. This was quite rude and inconsiderate and I said that they should wait until she was done putting the samples out and that I was there first. They then showed me how stupid they were since they said that they were there first because they had been there before and left. Either they don't get it that if you leave then you are no longer first or they are willing to say anything to justify their bad behavior. But even at that they would be wrong since under their basis I was still there first since I had just missed the previous samples. The worst part about this is their children are going to learn from their parents to be behave in this manner, which these people likely learned from their parents.

There were others who stopped their carts and tried to block the whole way as well. It seems like people don't care if they block others as they are the only important people in the world

Now this is nothing new, but it seems to be getting worse.

Several years ago there was an idiot at the Metrolink train station who ignored the area for dropoffs, ignored empty parking spaces, and instead stopped in the lane of traffic to get out (his wife would then change seats and drive the vehicle away). It did not matter to him that it was a narrow section and that there were signs which said "no stopping". I honked at him and after I parked, on the train platform, he confronted me and said that he thought that I owned the road. I said he seemed to think that he owned the road since he stopped where it said no stopping, blocking others and causing a problem. People like this never think that they have done anything wrong. I overheard others say quite some time later that he had gotten fired from his job. No doubt his attitude showed through.



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Written: 27-Jul-2017

Updated: 27-Jul-2017

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