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John Zigler is a FRAUD in my opinion

Guess what, I just got blocked from John Zigler. Based on his comments, both to me and others, including childish name calling and swearing, I consider him to be a fraud and he is dishonest, just like many other so-called journalists. It seems that he likes to resort to childish name calling, but worse than that, he likes to lie about people and can't take it when he is called on it. His blocking when he gets called on what he is doing makes him a coward as well in my opinion. I have lost all respect for him. I am sure that he could care less, but perhaps others will start seeing him for who he really is.


This is his intro on his Facebook page:

What is funny is his disdain because based on what I have seen he is the same as the rest of the so-called news media, so perhaps his disdain includes himself and perhaps that is why he reacts the way he does when he is called on his false statements and mistakes.

Here are some of his posts (I can't include my posts because he blocked me and seems to have deleted the thread as well, which indicates his admission that he is completely wrong and he is attempting to try to make himself look better by removing the posts which show him for who he really is):

One thing that is funny is that I am suppose to ask Trump, who said it was a joke, but John Zigler should answer what he thinks that Trump meant because he was attacking Trump for the comments. It shows me a real issue that John Zigler refuses to say what he thinks that Trump meant, yet he attacks Trump for it and it was pointed out how absurd it was since the server and email messages no longer exist.

Since I don't support Trump, it is a lie when he claims that I am a "Trumptard". He clearly isn't thinking straight because this was in regards to the claim the Trump was encouraging Russia to hack Hillary's server, which is actually no longer online and the email have been deleted, so it is absurd to make such a claim. The real joke is that I don't support Trump at all, but that is all John Zigler has to try to defend his bogus comments.

There is enough valid things to attack Trump on, so there is no need to attack him on bogus issues. Perhaps the reason for the attack on bogus issues is because there are those, like John Zigler, who are not bright enough to understand what was said and what was meant. If you look at what Trump actually said, it was to get Russia to make the email messages public, IF they had them.

Mindless childish name calling, which seems to show his true character.

Notice his constant false claims of "Trumptard", even though each time I told him that I did not support Trump at all. It seems that facts can't get through his thick skull due to his pure hatred of Trump and he uses the false claim in order to ignore his issues. His responses are also unprofessional and not appropriate as well. The reality is that he should have disdain for the so-called news media, especially including himself.

Note that he claims that I don't know him at all, yet he claims to know me based on his attacks. I know what John Zigler has said and never claimed to know him or his motivations, but I did point out his attack on this issue was absurd.

This was a result of John Zigler's attack on Trump regarding the missing Hillary email messages. His hatred of Trump is so strong that he will not let reality get in the way of a good attack. It is absurd to suggest that Trump was encouraging Russia to hack Hillary's email since the server is offline and the email messages have been deleted, but still John Zigler went on the attack.

When I called him on it, he called me a Trumptard, which is a false statement since I don't support Trump at all, so that makes John Zigler a liar. I told him that multiple times, but he keep repeating it, which shows to me his lack of intelligence. He might be able to fool some people, but he is no longer fooling me and I no longer trust ANYTHING he has to say.

His comments also seem to indicate that he is VERY ANGRY. It indicates to me that he might need some serious professional help. I have to wonder what personal problems he has because his posts reflect very poorly on him. It also seems his ego can't accept that he is wrong.

It is quite funny that his Facebook page claims that he is right far more than the news media. Perhaps he just thinks he is right as he blocks those who call him on his stupidity and false statements. If you catch him being wrong about something and he refuses to admit it and instead runs and hides, then you really can't trust him on ANYTHING that he says in my opinion.

So it seems that John Zigler is just like the rest of the unethical, corrupt so-called journalists. I was mistaken when I thought that he was a good one.



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Written: 30-Jul-2016

Updated: 31-Jul-2016

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