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Does Facebook refuse to stop harassment?

Facebook claims that they try to create a safe environment and claims to have a means of stopping harassment, but that seems to be a complete and utter fraud to me. Facebook really does not take action when there are clear signs of harassment and even when they take some action, Facebook does not actually take real steps in order to stop the harassment.

People can create groups to harass others and the most that Facebook will do is to remove the group, but they refuse to disable the person's account. The person can continue with the harassment and as long as they are somewhat subtle, Facebook will look the other way and allow it to continue. Facebook also does not look at the big picture, but just looks at each specific post. In other words, Facebook can't see the forest for the trees.

This means that Facebook, by their lack of action, appears to help people harass others. If you notice, Facebook does not make it easy to report a person who is harassing another. You have to report each and every post, but they claim it does not violate their standards because Facebook does not bother to look at ALL of the posts and ALL of the actions.

I have to wonder if this is going to cause legal problems for Facebook when something escalates and there is a long record of the abuse being reported. I hope so. I have to wonder if money is the issue. The more people who use Facebook, the more money they can get for adverting.

In any case, it seems to me that Facebook is really a major part of the problem when it comes to harassment on the Internet.


There have been some fake accounts created on Facebook using my name and my photos which when reported to Facebook, nothing is done, claiming that it does not violate the community standards. Really? Identity theft, fraud, harassment and harm does not violate the Facebook Community standards? That indicates that there are no standards. I have to wonder what they would do if people created fake Mark Zuckerberg accounts and used photos of him and then made posts which could cause him problems. I think that would be funny and I hope that Mark Zuckerberg would also see the humor in it. If someone does make a fake Mark Zuckerberg account and they try to harass you, please let me know and I can provide the info that it is not against the Facebook Community Standards.

Add to that, if the account is blocked to your account, you can't report it. They say that you have to have a friend report it.

It seems to me that Facebook has serious issues and really needs to be sued in order to either get them to do the right thing or get them closed down. I have to wonder how the stockholders would feel about putting the company at risk.

If there are any lawyers reading this who want to sue Facebook, please let me know. I think that there is really good case against them. They also make it very difficult to contact them. Most of the time when you report something, you can not make ANY comments.



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Written: 30-Aug-2015

Updated: 25-Jan-2016

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