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What is wrong with the USA

Recent news reports show what is wrong with the USA, but it does not seem that many people get it. A prime example is in regards to the Arizona law regarding illegal immigrants.

The Attorney General of the US is against the law, but has not bothered to read it. There are those that claim that AZ can not create such a law since it is a Federal issue, but the only issue is whether local law enforcement can check on whether a person is violating a Federal law.

The worst example is the Los Angeles City Council voting to boycott Arizona businesses due to the law. The City of Los Angeles has serious budget issues, but they are willing to waste money in doing this. The Arizona businesses can sue the city for breeching the contract, which can cost the city a lot of money. The city also has to spend the time and money to find someone else to do whatever the contract calls for, which is yet more wasted money. But this is not really what shows what the problem is. Councilmember Janice Hahn, the co-author of this waste of time and money, stated that the council does not do what the majority of the people want, but instead does (what she thinks) is right. But then consider that these boycott harms Arizona businesses, not the people, like Hahn, who passed the law. So what it really comes down to is that politicians like Hahn are not following the will of the people and instead are voting to boycott businesses in order to try to get those businesses to push other politicians, who may not follow the will of the people, to change the law. If Janice Hahn does not feel that she should follow the will of the people, exactly why does she think that it is proper or ethical to cause harm to innocent businesses in order to force another government to do what she thinks is right?

Janice Hahn also says ""Maybe some of those jobs and businesses could come back to L.A. and California". Perhaps Janice Hahn should explain why the council decided to have an Arizona company do those jobs in the first place, rather than try to justify her actions today.

Janice Hahn and other politicians are saying that some laws should be ignored. What do you think that those same politicians would say if the voters decided to ignore some of the laws that they passed? I suspect that they would not feel the same way and instead think that people should follow the laws that they pass.



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Written: 18-May-2010

Updated: 18-May-2010

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