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Rights Paid For By Others

First, a challenge: Can you name one right that the Bill of Rights grants to a person?

Obviously, the above is a trick question, but you will only get it if you understand the Bill of Rights and know that even if the document is destroyed, the rights a person has will not change at all, except for how an EVIL(tm) government views a person's rights.

It seems that the trend in this country is in a direction in which slavery is basically returning. While the slavery is not in the traditional sense, it is basically slavery just the same. What is happening is that people are creating what they claim to be new "rights", but the problem is that those rights have to be paid for by someone. In general, rights are not something in which someone has to pay for. The only reasonable exception that I can think of is a right to an attorney when you are charged with a criminal act.

People are saying that it is a right to have medical care. Well, who is supposed to pay for that? Is the doctor supposed to work for free? If the doctor is not willing to work for free, then someone else is going to have to pay and that means that tax payers will have to pay. So, more and more the government is taking your money away to pay for the rights of other. Most people work for their money, so their time is being stolen from them and basically they are being forced to work for free (at least part of their time).

I have also seen people claim that people have a right to organic food. The person who said that seems to have quite a bit of money and owns a restaurant, yet I don't think that she is going to give her food away for free. She wants others to pay for the food or pay for the difference in cost.

If medical care and organic food is a right and someone has to pay for a person to be able to get it for free, then I want someone to pay for me to exercise my protected rights mentioned in the Bill of Rights. This means that I need to be given free access to printing newspapers, broadcasting radio and television, etc. I also want the government to give me money to build my own church and the firearms I need to protect myself, including from the government. The list goes on.

Judges have made up claims of new rights. Somehow a gift (welfare, for example) has become a right that the givers (the tax payers) can not take away. If conditions are put on the gift, such as not having additional children if you are on welfare, the judges say that it violates the rights of the person and the restriction is removed. I can imagine agreeing to give someone $1000/month, but only if they wear a pink pokadot hat all the time and then having the person claiming that the hat violates their rights and a judge agreeing, saying that I have to keep giving them the money, but that they don't have to wear the hat.

The bottom line is that I think it is good as a society if we provide some protection for people, such as emergency medical care, but that if the person takes advantage of it, the gift can be restricted.



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Written: 03-Jul-2009

Updated: 03-Jul-2009

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