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No Understanding of Constitutional Rights & Self-Centered Attitude

The following letters (below) in a local newspaper shows the state of our society and the levels of selfishness and self-centered attitude that many people have come to.

I personally don't think that there should be the need for a law prohibiting the placing of flyers on vehicles since it should be obvious that such actions are unacceptable. I also think that if you do get a flyer on your vehicle you should not throw it on the ground as that is littering and two wrongs does not make it right. Perhaps a better thing to do with the flyers is to collect them and give them to people like Peter Carrube who think that they have a right to touch our property and leave their trash on our vehicles. I think that the best word to describe Peter Carrube's attitude is offensive.

I find it interesting that Peter Carrube considers responses in opposition to his position to be a personal attack and then go on to justify his poor behavior and attitude by saying that his business is a positive benefit to the community. Should a major employer be able to break the law or behave badly because of all the benefits their company brings to the community? While some people might respond to his flyers, what about all of the rest of the people who get the flyers and don't want them? Is it enough that 1 in a 10000 responds and that is enough to have the 9999 have to deal with the unwanted flyer? Shouldn't it be that if one person objects to his leaving a flyer that he should not do it at all? Isn't it much more reasonable that he only give his flyers to those who want it?

Did anyone ever give permission to people like Peter Carrube to touch their vehicles? Was there ever a vote to allow him to place flyers on their vehicles? Why does Peter Carrube think that he can do anything that he feels like and that people have to post signs to stop him? Why should people have to vote to stop such actions? When Peter Carrube goes to a store parking lot, not to use the parking lot to go to the store, but to place flyers, does he get permission to be there since he is mis-using the access granted to go there?

It seems clear that Peter Carrube is so selfish and self-centered that he does not understand his Consitutional Rights does not include touching other people's property without permission nor does he understand that people should NOT have to post signs preventing such a violation of their property.

While he says that he goes and picks up the flyers which were thrown on the ground, what is he willing to do for all the people who got his flyer and did not litter? Maybe he collects the flyers on the ground so that he can reuse them.

I also have to wonder how Peter Carrube would feel about people calling him at all hours of the night exercising their right of free speech to tell him their positions, posting signs on his property and business and placing bumper stickers on his vehicle, forcing him to clean it up all the time, picketing his house and business telling him that they don't like his attitude nor his flyers, etc. He is free to post a sign everywhere saying that he does not want all of this done to him and only then, based on his own words, would he have a right to complain about it.

I suspect that Peter Carrube has not given much thought to the harm he is doing to his business and how people view him by presenting such an attitude.

In looking at Peter Carrube's web page, , it is clear that he makes use of public and private facilities to practice his business and make money, rather than having his own location. I have to wonder if he pays any rent or fee when he uses public facilities to make money.

Based on his web page, you can send him email at and call him at 805-890-9191.

Remember, based on his own words he would need to place a sign asking you not to do anything in order for him to have a right to complain about a violation of his privacy.



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Written: 21-Jun-2008

Updated: 21-Jun-2008

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