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Buried in Iraq

I was talking to a friend and it seems that he bought into the biased liberal media and the Democrats story that because no WMD have been found in Iraq, it means that they never existed and don't exist.

Unfortunately that is very bad logic.

For example, how many have heard about the Jets buried in Iraq?

I made a challenge to the friend of mine, but of course he did not take me up on it because it would go to prove that he was wrong. The challenge was that I would hide three items on his property (including the house and garage). The items would include a shoebox sized box, a one liter water bottle and another object of similar size. It would be minutes to days in order to find the object, meaning that for every minute that I take to hide the object, he would have a day to find it. He would have an advantage since he knows his house and the space is much smaller, plus he would know what the objects were and how many objects, not to mention the size of the objects.

I guess the truth of reality is hard to deal with. If he were to not be able to find the items it would be very telling.

While there might not be any WMD in Iraq, perhaps the items were moved to another country, perhaps the items never existed, but the fact is that just because the items have not been found (or is being kept secret) does not mean that it does not exist.



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Written: 19-Jun-2005

Updated: 19-Jun-2005

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