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Lawsuits & Responsibility

It is amazing the stories which result in a lawsuit on the news. Quite some time ago I heard that two brothers attempted to rob a jewelery store. Unfortunately for them the owner of the store had a reputation for protecting himself and his store and had suddenly stopped the careers of several criminals while they were engaging in their choosen occupation. These two wonderful children were killed while attempting an armed robbery and the mother complained how unfair it was and that the owner of the store should not have killed her lovely criminal sons. Ok, so she did not admit that her sons were criminals.

Recently a young teenager, 13 years old, who was a loving son, according to his mother, was driving a stolen vehicle, attempted to run from police and also rammed a police vehicle. The police ended up shooting and killing the child, which has also caused the LAPD to change their policy. While it is sad that this young child died, it is not so sad that this young criminal died as he put everyone in the area at risk and could have killed someone. It was said that he had problems since his father died, but I guess his mother does not want to take responsibility for not doing something to stop him from being a criminal. I personally think that anyone who runs from the police should be charged with attempted murder since often high speed chases result in accidents and far too often an innocent person is hurt or killed. While I don't know the complete story, I doubt that anyone does really, I don't blame the police for deciding that they need to stop this dangerous person. A person who runs from police and rams a police vehicle is a danager to society and could kill or harm someone, not to mention being a lowlife criminal for either stealing a vehicle or being involved with stealing a vehicle by driving it. He obviously did not have a driver's license since he was only 13, so he was not trained to drive, which makes him a greater risk to society.

It is amazing how a young criminal who has no concern with the safety of others suddenly becomes a loving son after his gamble with the law loses. It does not mention the fact that since the vehicle was stolen, someone's hard work was taken from them. People have to work to buy a vehicle and acts like this criminal also increase the cost of insurance, which also serve to steal part of the life from the person who has to pay for the insurance. In either case the money comes from spending time at work and criminals should have to pay the full price for their actions.

Personally I think that there should be a law which states that a criminal is prevented from taking civil action from events which result during criminal activity. In this case, perhaps the LAPD should sue the mother for allowing her son to be a criminal and she should be charged with child neglect for her failure to properly supervise her child.

In a slighty different type of lawsuit, the FDA is being sued over the classification of salt. Yes, salt. The people suing want to reclassify salt as an additive instead of something which is deemed to be basically safe. The reason given for this is so that then limitations can be placed on it. The justification is that people die due to having diets with too much salt in it. So, people have to be protected from themselves. The question is where will all this end? I think that most everyone knows that certain foods are not good for you, but they choose to eat them anyway. That is their choice. Everyone is free to look at the sodium levels of food and make a decision, but it seems that some people want to take that decision away from us and instead force their views. Just so you know my bias, I really don't like salt and try to avoid it, but I think that stupid lawsuits are bad.



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Written: 23-Feb-2005

Updated: 24-Feb-2005

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