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While this is nothing new and I have noticed it for quite some time, it has not hit as close to home as this time. One of the trains involved in the recent Metrolink train crash was from the Ventura County Line and some of the people who were injured and killed were indirectly known by me. Add to that I have family on the same street as one person who was killed.

Due to all of this, I have heard of several events which make me want to write this article and tell the members of the media, including TV reporters and print media, that it seems that most of the members of the media which are just a bunch of inconsiderate, insensitive, uncaring vultures. Yes, I could use stronger words, but this will have to do for this article.

To such members of the media:

One such example is that a reporter from Channel 2 KCBS/Channel 9 KCAL, both stations are owned by the same company, was trying to track the wife of a victim down. Somehow they managed to find out what church the person attended, tracked down the Pastor and managed to get his cell phone in order to call the Pastor to try to convince the Pastor to give the phone number of where the woman was staying. Some people have more sense then to give into the pressure placed on them by these media vultures. This was in addition to swarming the neighborhood and trying to get anyone to talk to them.

It is obvious that these media "people" don't care about the loss of the person, they just want to get the hurting people to show their pain on TV. Yeah, that really makes good TV, show the pain and suffering and you can be proud that you got it all on tape.

What is even worse is that I doubt that these vultures will even let the people grieve in peace and will instead swarm at the funeral, asking their stupid questions, such as how the person feels about losing a friend or family member. The media vultures will show absolutely no concern for anyone's feelings. Personally, I would love to have the media vultures ordered off the property where the funerals occur and if they fail to leave, as I am sure they would refuse to leave since they think that they have the right to be anywhere, to have the police arrest them and haul them off to jail. Just think of the story the other reporters would get seeing their comrades get arrested and hauled off to jail. Perhaps the media vultures would even resist arrest, so we could see them maced and clubbed. Now that is something I would like to see on the TV news!!!



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Written: 30-Jan-2005

Updated: 30-Jan-2005

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