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What do Actors/Actresses know?

Why is it that Actors/Actresses think that we should listen to a word that they have to say? Consider that many of these people don't have much of an education, work in a world which is really not part of reality, it is a fantasy world. How many actors and actresses have managed to graduate college? How many have managed to get an advanced degree?

For some reason they think that because they play all these roles on TV and in the movies that they know something. These people are playing roles, faking being someone they are not. Perhaps they think that because they play intelligent people in their work, that somehow that rubs off on them and makes then intelligent. They just seem to be trying to get people to listen to them because they think they are something special. Some actors and actresses are intelligent and know what they are talking about, but it seems like most don't and instead use their position to convince people to do what they want.

One area which is really interesting is when it comes to conservation of resources. These people love to get attention and say that people should do all these things to conserve resources, but they fail to look at their own industry and see all the waste. Perhaps because they know that if they did then they might lose their job. Consider all the waste in the Entertainment industry. They build stages, houses and all sorts of things, just to throw it away when they are done. I have heard that most of it gets thrown away, rather than reused for the next project. It seems that it would cost too much money to carefully take apart the stage sets.

It would be nice if these people stuck to what they know, which is playing make believe in front of a camera.



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Written: 05-Dec-2004

Updated: 05-Dec-2004

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