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One Religion?

There are many people who talk about everyone getting along. It is often the case that they are quite hypocritical about the matter since what they really mean is why can't everyone agree with what they think.

When I use the title "One Religion", I don't mean that there should only be one religion. I use it as a general term, for each given religion. I have to wonder why there can not be one religion for each religion. It seems that for any given religion, there are many factions. I have to wonder if there is any religion which has only one set of believers, instead of various factions which all see things differently.

Most religions are based on certain documents, concepts and ideas, but in each religion there are those that believe that each thing has a different meaning. The differences can be amazing. I have to wonder how everyone can ever get along when each religion can't get along with all the other members of that religion.

There are many examples of this and not to single anyone out, just look at the Christian Churches. Look in the phone book or do an Internet search and see how many flavors that you can come up with and then investigate all the differences. All are based on the Bible, yet each group comes up with an different concept. I have heard that many of the differences started when a church had differences of opinion and instead of working out those differences the churches split apart. The same is true for those of the Jewish Faith.

I have heard of some of the differences and personally I can not understand why there is not a common agreement. Certain aspects seem clear to me, but then again perhaps some of it comes not from the Religion, but instead from the personal belief of the people and a desire to convince the others to follow what they think should be done, such as not drinking, etc.

I am not familiar with all the religions out there, but I would really like to know if there is any religion which has not been split apart and that there is truely only one Religion.



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Written: 03-Dec-2004

Updated: 12-Dec-2004

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