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Nascar, Toyota and Darrell Waltrip: A role model?

It seems that sometimes companies try to use humor in ads, but it also seems that sometimes when they attempt that they forget common sense.

There is an ad for (actually it shows them in a negative light) Nascar, Toyota and Darrell Waltrip which shows a fan saying that he booed Darrell Waltrip in the past and that he hoped that it would not be held against him. The next scene shows Darrel Waltrip on a yard, then he destroys the yard, as well as many objects on the yard.

I doubt that some children would see the humor in the ad and instead think that such things are acceptable.

While this might be an attempt at humor, I think that it really shows Darrell Waltrip to be a bad role model. It does not show Toyota or Nascar in a very good light. I have to wonder what everyone involved in this were thinking, if they were at all.

Update: I guess that Toyota does not care to look good or to set a good example. A recent commercial shows Darrell Waltrip being stupid again by ripping off the garage door of a neighbor in order to get his tools back. Good thing it was just a commercial since otherwise he would get sued and/or arrested. I still have to wonder what he is thinking, perhaps he is not thinking at all, by doing commercials showing him doing stupid and illegal things (in the context of the commercial, not in reality since it is all set up). Perhaps this is they way he wants to present himself, as a horrible and stupid example of a role model.

While Toyota makes a good product, it seems that they don't have a bit of common sense when it comes to advertising. At least the commercial showing the Tundra with boat trailer jumping vehicles was just silly and stupid, but did not affect others and was not criminal.



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Written: 04-Nov-2004

Updated: 26-Feb-2005

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