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Drivers who can not Drive

I have to wonder how some people have managed to live when I see their lack of skill when it comes to driving. It seems like there are many people who are more concerned with their priorities than being considerate to others. They will cut you off in an attempt to try to save a few seconds. It seems that they either don't care or don't have enough sense to even bother to use the turn signals.

The funniest thing is that when these inconsiderate people cut you off or attempt to change lanes into your vechicle and you honk your horn, they act as if you are the one who is doing something wrong and honk their horn back. Everyone makes a mistake now and then, but a reasonable person would be embarassed, but not these rude and inconsiderate drivers.

I often wonder if people just don't pay attention or are just plain stupid. This is especially apparent with turns with multiple lanes. Even though the road if often marked showing where each lane can go, very often people don't follow that and get upset if another driver follows the markers. Even though it is quite obvious that there are multiple lanes which are turning, they seem to ignore the other cars. One would think that if you needed to turn right after turning left, you would turn from the right lane, but I guess this is too much to expect.

It also seems that most people don't like to plan ahead. When I am driving, I try to get into the lane that I need to be in so that I don't have to make a panic lane change. There are many people who seem to live for the quick multiple lane changes and wait until the last second in order to get over. Unfortunately, I have heard of cases where this results in deaths because they failed to see a car.

The interesting thing is that I doubt that these people would drive like this if they knew the people around them.

I heard that the CA DMV stopped requiring knowing how to parallel park because most people could not do it. Maybe that is why there are so many people who can't drive since they don't have to in order to get a driver's license

Just the other day I saw a woman driving, well attempting to at least, with a cigarette in one hand and a cell phone in the other. It is amazing that people don't driving seriously, perhaps they don't realize how deadly a vehicle can be or maybe they just don't care.



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Written: 04-Nov-2003

Updated: 21-Nov-2003

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