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Progressive Insurance Ads

I have seen several of the Progressive Insurance ads and I have to wonder if they realize just what they are saying about their customers. While the ads are meant to be humorous, why not continue that thought and say more about their customers?

There is an ad with a waitress where the customers compete with each other saying how much they will tip. Many people base the tip on the service, which you won't know until you are finished. It also shows that the Progressive Customer fails to serve the first people who were seated, which goes against typical behavior and what most people expect. Personally I would not want to have a waitress who is a Progressive Customer, at least as they portray her.

Another ad shows a room flooded with water and the person wants to get a quote and also rates for others from the plumber who shows up. I guess Progressive Customers don't know that plumbers don't give quotes from other companies because you have to see what you are dealing with before you can give a quote. Also, I guess a Progressive Customer would prefer to cause more damage by not fixing the problem as soon as possible.

An ad shows a person stuck in a wall, supposedly a friend of the person who called the contractor. Again, the Progressive Customer does not know how things work with contractors and could care less about his "friend" who is stuck in the wall and is willing to leave him there until he finds out all the prices. There are a couple of ads like this.

Progressive has gone back to showing a woman who is using a web page to harass and harm her "cheatin boyfriend". Instead of being happy that she found out about him, she wants to get revenge and harm him. A very anti-social attitude, but I guess it fits with the other types of people that Progressive likes to have as customers.

So, Progressive shows that its customers are greedy, won't follow social norms, are pretty stupid about getting quotes from workers who have not seen what needs to be done, don't care about the welfare of their friends and want to cause harm to others.

There is a new Progressive ad which I personally think is pretty stupid. I heard it on the radio, so I don't know if there is a TV version of it or not. The ad starts with a woman in labor and the medical people want her to relax. The first thing suggested is thinking about a boat on a lake. Then the medical person asks if she has an independent insurance agent. So she ends up thinking about her Progressive Insurance, which I doubt would make anyone relax. Each time she mentions a policy, she gives birth to another child with a popping sound. A total of five children are supposedly born. As if her relaxing and thinking of insurance policies are going to suddenly create another child. While this is an attempt to be funny, I just think it is stupid.



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Written: 22-Oct-2003

Updated: 04-Nov-2005

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